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Thursday, October 16, 2014

September Junk Mail Book

September Junk Mail Book - Cover 

It occurred to me that there are certain things that appear here in New Hampshire in great numbers in late summer and wouldn't it be fun to put them all in a Junk Mail Book?

Some time in August great numbers of large blue dragonflies show up to patrol our backyard.  They last into September and are accompanied by smaller reddish ones.  Bats often appear at dusk toward the end of summer too, although sadly, we have fewer and fewer as the colonies are being decimated by a mysterious virus.  I like bats.

Goldenrod is plentiful.  And wooly bear caterpillars abound.  Some other late summer/September sightings are:  sunflowers, blue jays, tomatoes, mixed flocks of warblers, skeins of geese, kettles of hawks, New England asters, and mushrooms.  The turkeys tend to flock up at this time of year.  I see them along the roadside as I travel, especially on the back roads.

I may have to add some pages!

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