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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Drawing with Ballpoint Pen

Last spring I took a wonderful online class from Kate Johnson called "Ink and Wash Mini Class".  We experimented with all sorts of pens and inks and added watercolor wash and ink wash.  It was great fun, but for some reason I set the ballpoint pens aside and worked mostly with felt tip pens.  Just recently I picked up a ballpoint pen and did this bunch of radishes and it was great fun.  I have a collection of colored ballpoint pens (I admit to being addicted to buying pens, well, art supplies in general, and I accumulated a "few" for the class), some of which are waterproof and some not.  I discovered you can get some nice effects with the less waterproof inks.  Maybe tomorrow I will work with the water soluble pens and see what happens.

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