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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Junk Mail Artist's Book with Carla Sonheim

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Originally uploaded by Carla Sonheim

Owl Cover
I'm working my way, albeit slowly, through the Junk Mail Artist's Book with the original and inventive Carla Sonheim.  It is great fun and a wonderful way to use all that junk mail that finds its way into our lives.
Page 2 - a work in progress...

Page 3 - the hind end of a lizard
Carla has devised an ingenious and imaginative method of recycling junk mail and brochures and such into surfaces you can draw and paint on.  After preparing the pages by rolling gesso with a brayer on both sides of the pages, which leaves lovely textures and patterns, and allowing them to dry, you add thin layers of watercolor washes building up two or three layers of thin color.  I have lots and lots of tubes of watercolor paint I'm so happy to finally be using up!

The pages are sewn into a small book of five or six pages ready for you to draw and paint on!  Sometimes the shapes and patterns suggest a design.  Sometimes I use a reference to help me along. 

Page 4 - Lizard and Egret

Unfinished Page 5 (still working on it)
Page 6 - Moon-Tree-Lizard
Page 7 Water Buffalo
Last Page - Little Owl

I thought I had a bird theme going on, but then the lizard and water buffalo showed up.  Still more work to do and pages to work out


  1. Wonderful book, great colours and art.

  2. It's looking quite nice. I haven't done one yet. I might do it when I have time to get my grandkids involved.

  3. Thank you Marilyn and freebird! It is slow going for me because that is the way I work I think. And what a great idea to do one with your grandkids!