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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sketchbook Experiments in the Style of Jane LaFazio

Supermarket Bouquet

I downloaded Jane LaFazio's wonderful workshop, From Art Journaling to Art.  The idea is to work in your sketchbook, drawing and watercolor painting and to then use those images in your art.  Wonderful techniques and lots of inspiration!  I haven't quite gotten to use the techniques that incorporate my sketches into other pieces yet, but I'm looking forward to trying them out.
Meyer Improved Lemon
I'm still adjusting to my new scanner.  My old one was so easy to use (sigh).  This one does a pretty good job, but I find I have to do a lot of adjusting to get the colors more true to those in my sketchbook (which of course takes time and then I don't post...).  Scanned work is never really exactly the same as the original, but I like them to be as close as possible.
Apples in a Bowl
This page isn't quite done yet but the reds are so pretty, I just had to share :-D

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  1. i have taken one of her online workshops and they were great techniques. the apples in a bowl is lovely. it makes me feel like i can just pick up one of those apples.