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Monday, June 6, 2011

Donkey Block Print

Finally getting to upload some images for my donkey project.  I've done some block carving for a possible illustration for the SYALER Donkey & Mule Show brochure and flyer.  The image on the right is a proof to check the carving and to see if I need to fine tune the image (or to start over completely...).  I like this one so far and I added some color with colored pencils to the image on the left.  I may remove some of the lines from the background, although I like the way they make it look like an old woodblock print.  I'll wait a day or two before I make that decision.

I have another drawing of a mother donkey and her adorable baby that I'd like to make into a printing block.  It's a little larger and slightly more complex, but I think it might make a wonderful illustration.

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