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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lab 13: Eyedropper Faces

Lab 13:  Eyedropper Faces (from Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab) asks you to look at images of faces from magazines or wherever and draw with the dropper from a bottle of acrylic ink.  Carla used black ink in her examples.  I only had dark brown FW Acrylic ink.  I think it works quite well. 

I bought a magazine of hairstyles because there are dozens and dozens of faces, some well known, others not.  At first I felt quite awkward drawing with the stopper, but you have to give up some control - a good think I think.
After drawing the image, keeping it basic, you quickly lay a piece of tissue over it to absorb any excess ink and move the lines a little.  

I think I may go back and embellish them a little.  The top two seem fine as they are, but I'd like to add a hat or kerchief or something to this one.
I think some color and line to refine it a little might improve this one too.
This one got all blotchy.  I think this was the first one I did.  Maybe I'll use a white gel pen to retrieve the eye and fine tune it a little.  It's a great way to do faces, loosen up, and give up some control.

Next up:  Lab 9: Wrong-Handed Portraits

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