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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Drawing Lab: Unit 2 - Inspired by People

Even though it is May 3nd, I'm pretending it is May 1st and this is the first day of a challenge I've given myself to continue working through Carla Sonheim's wonderful book, Drawing Lab: 52 Exercises to Make Drawing Fun.

A while back, probably more than six months ago, I worked through Unit 1: Inspired by Animals.  It was great fun and I had a ball with the Labs.  Also, Carla posted a tutorial on her blog Easy Tombow Rabbits that I did and posted a few weeks ago.  I did about sixteen small rabbits for place cards for our Easter table (and of course forgot to scan or photograph them...).  Our guests loved them and everyone took their "Tombow Rabbit" home as a memento of the day.

I'm not doing the Labs order because some of them require models or being at a coffee shop or something.  I'm jumping around to the ones I can do with materials and references I have at hand (thereby increasing the odds that I will actually do them).  I started with Lab 11:  Cheater Blinds.

The idea is to go through old photos and do modified blind-contour drawings of them.  You can go back later and add shading with a fine-point pen.  These are done on white card stock with a fine-point Sharpie and the shading is added with an extra-fine Sharpie.  Sort of fun.
This is from a vacation photo of people at the beach.  I like the simplicity of using just line.
And some figures on park benches in Central Park.
I may do more before moving on to the next Lab.

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