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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Practice Figures in Watercolor

Watercolor Crowd

I've been wanting to put people in my paintings to make them look more like everyone hasn't been evacuated from town or something.  I did this crowd from a reference photo of people in line at MOMA.  I'm kind of pleased that I was able to stay loose and gestural.  
Practice People on the Street
More random people.  I had to invent the light source.  That's what I love about painting - you get to leave out what you don't want, put in what you do, and decide where the light is coming from (from where the light is coming...).  I think the man waiting to cross the street is a little tall.  I have a tendency to make the legs too short and I may have overcompensated.  And the girl with the backpack and red pants was much more slender.  I owe it to her to try again.
Practice People from Vacation Photos
Digging through old vacation photos for figure shots, I came across these.  Some are of me I think!  Those strange Easter Island Moai looking blobs are my failed attempts at a method of painting figures devised by Skip Lawrence.  Of course, he makes it look effortless.  All I got were those blobs.  
Jack and Peat
And if I can put people in my paintings, why not dogs too!  See what I mean about the legs (on Jack, not Peat)?  Although to be honest, my husband's family does tend to have short legs - short legs and large heads.  

Clearly I need more practice!  I'm going to have to do hundreds of these things before I feel confident enough to put them in a painting.  


  1. These are excellent Deb! I'm envious. I should be learning to do this in prep for Scotland but I'm so lazy and uncommitted. You inspire me, but I wish you'd inspire me more!

  2. Thanks so much Rosey! (If only I could draw as well as you...)