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Friday, April 1, 2011

Found Landscapes

Watercolor on rough wc paper.  Approx 7" x 5"
I've been sorting through the enormous pile of finish, unfinished, and never-to-be finished paintings.  I've accumulated an amazing number of works on paper, mostly watercolors.  I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with all these paintings.  I have some ideas for a few of them.  Some I'd like to frame and display.  Some I think will make wonderful images for printing on fabric and then sewn into mp3 and cell phone cases and such.

Winter Birches, Watercolor on cold-pressed paper.  Approx.  6" x 4"

I wish this had scanned better.  It's such a lovely rosy wintry piece.  I salvaged it from a large painting that never really worked.  There were, however, some sections that I really liked.  I cut out the sections I felt were worth saving and reused the backs of the other pieces.  

Winter Landscape, Watercolor on cold-pressed paper.  Approx.   8" x  4"
Here is another section from that same salvaged painting.  I did frame this one and it hangs in my living room.  It is one of my favorite paintings because it occupies that place between abstract and realistic that I like.  I think it is more of a suggestion of a thing rather than every leaf and twig.  I like to let my eye and brain fill in some of the details.  Perhaps that is why I have so many unfinished paintings - I don't want to overwork them and put in too much.  And once a painting goes beyond a certain point, I can't really get it back to where I like it.  So I proceed with caution and have lots of unfinished paintings.

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