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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drawing Lab 4 Part I @ VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science)

I'm working my way through Carla Sonheim's fabulous book, Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists.  Labs 4 and 5 are "A Day at the Zoo".

Yesterday I took myself on an "Artist's Date" to VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science) www.vinsweb.org for a drawing outing.  They rehabilitate injured birds and care for birds who can not be released due to injury or who have become unafraid of humans.  

I had a wonderful time drawing the birds.  Owls, hawks, vultures.  I love them all!  It was a delight to be able to get close enough to observe and draw them.  

Unfortunately I didn't get to the buildings where they are rehabilitating injured birds, raising orphaned baby birds, and housing the song birds (next time).  I also drove through some absolutely lovely countryside in Vermont and had a fabulous sandwich called an "Ethan Allen" at Heritage Deli and Bakery in Chester.  If you find yourself in the Woodstock, Vermont area, do take a trip to VINS.

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