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Friday, March 5, 2010

March Art Journal Challenge

Everyday in the month of March Leslie (Comfortable Shoes) gives us a prompt to work in our sketchbook/journals.  I keep a more of a sketchbook than an art journal so I'm adapting the prompts to my way of working.  This is Start Your Engines for March 1st.

For March 2nd the prompt was Credit Card(s).  You could do what I did (drew my wallet and credit card) or what some others did and use an old credit card to apply paint and designs.  I drew this in my small moleskine address book that I reloaded with Fabriano 90 lb. hp watercolor paper.  

March 3rd the challenge was Blue.  Some people did these really wonderful blue page spreads.  Here's mine.

It was the first blue thing I saw and it fit the bill.  Next challenge for March 4th was Doodle.  I've done some other doodles that I posted here and Flickr, but I wanted to do another one.  This one came out quite different from my previous doodles.  It's a drawing with color really, but I think it qualifies.

Today's challenge is Past.  I'm thinking of doing a collage using some old photos and colored papers.


  1. Love your drawing and the washes you added to some of them. That's what I want to be able to do one day, too. Are you self-taught or did you learn to draw and paint at school?

  2. Thank you so much Suzanne. I'm mostly self taught, although I have taken drawing and painting classes too. And I have lots of art books as well. One book in particular that really helped to draw more is The Creative License by Danny Gregory. He is so inspiring and encouraging. And I am so excited about the March Art Journal Challenge because it gets me to work in my sketchbook every day, which I think is a really good thing to do. I just love the amazing pages people are posting.