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Friday, January 22, 2010

Make Your Own Journal Class (Online!)

I finished my first journal/sketchbook for the online class, Make Your Own Journal!  I love it!  Of course I made zillions of mistakes and measured things wrong, etc., but nothing really catastrophic.  And I got all carried away with the collage on the cover.  I have all this paper stuff and I think I was trying to use it ALL on this first one!

I wonder if I could put the fabric on the spine first and then collage over that - being careful not to cover the area that will bend for the spine of course.  I’d like the collage part to extend closer to the spine I think.

I could have done a better job scoring the creases for the spine as well.  Also I got a little “off” measuring and trimming and ended up with a slightly smaller book, about 1/4“, than I think it was supposed to be.  I don’t think that’s too, too bad though.

I made another cover, so now I’ll have to make another signature for that one.  Unfortunately I used up all my 90 lb. hot pressed watercolor paper.  I have plenty of 140 lb., but it may be too heavy.  I could try it with fewer pages and then it wouldn’t be too thick.

Can't wait to use it!


  1. The journal looks great....but what are you going to put in it? That's what I want to see!!

  2. Thanks dust bunny! As soon as I put something in it, I'll be sure to post ;-D