"Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind". - Henry James

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I signed up for a painting class and yesterday was the first class. It wasn't my first choice. I wanted to sign up for a drawing class but the two drawing classes I tried to sign up for didn't run. So my third choice was this watercolor class. And now I'm having second thoughts about the whole thing. It is sort of crowded and I don't particularly like painting among other people. I like being in my own studio and I like painting my own way. "Why" I ask myself, "did you sign up for this class? You know you don't really like painting in a group!" I think it was an impulse. One of the reasons I take classes is it gets me to paint. I can find all sorts of excuses not to paint, which is really weird because I like to paint. Very strange. Anyway, the way this class runs is we are supposed to pick something we want to do in a series. Yikes. By the end of the class we will end up with eight or so paintings in this series. And if I run true to form, I'll have eight unfinished paintings in a series...

The other reason I'm having second thoughts about this class is the teacher wants us to paint on full sheets of paper using big brushes and lots of paint. I like to paint on smaller pieces of paper, using smaller brushes and lots of water. I see disaster looming on the horizon.

And the whole series issue has me worried. I tend to be a person with interests a mile wide and and inch deep. This seems like it is an inch wide and a mile deep. What am I going to do in a series? I'm stumped. I thought about doing birds, but then the idea of a huge shorebird on a full sheet of paper overwhelms me. The other idea I have is for a series of paintings of the trail by the stream where we walk most mornings and evenings. It is a beautiful place that has much meaning for me. However, I'm not really a landscape painter so that might not be a feasible subject for a series. What to do? I'm not sure I can get my money back if I drop out and that also requires a decision. Maybe today just isn't the day to decide.

This painting is one of the exercises we did in class. The teacher thought is was nice and said I should finish it. I think it is finished in a way.